In certain cases, oral surgery may be the best option for restoring your oral health. Usually oral surgery is needed when the dental health conditions have reached a significant level of decay and damage. Oral surgery is often used to correct extreme problems or damage to the mouth, teeth, and jaw.

Dr. McMillon, your knowledgeable dentist, may recommend oral surgery in order to:

  • Remove wisdom teeth, especially if the wisdom teeth have become impacted
  • Prepare the mouth for dentures or improve the fit of dentures
  • Repair jaw problems, such as unequal jaw growth or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders
  • Perform root canal therapy

When extreme pain and decay have occurred, it’s easy to believe that your smile is beyond repair. Fortunately, oral surgery treatments are here to repair and fix problems that most people would think are beyond dental treatment. Dr. McMillon believes that it is never too late to restore full functionality and health back to your smile. Unlike many other dental practices, we can perform all aspects of oral surgery in Louisville, Kentucky, from simple extractions to complicated surgeries. Please feel free to call us at McMillon Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today to learn more and to schedule your appointment.